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Sōtaisei Riron (Theory of relativity) - Jinkou Eisei (Satellite)

Genre: Pop, Rock, J-pop

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Sigur Rós - Hoppípolla


Monty Python - Hell’s Grannies


Just before finishing writing up, you are in a manic state. After the work becoming public, you’ll be in a depressed state. Words you’ve made will seem fragile and disconnected each other.

Nichijou - Trick or Treat

Trick of no treating

I am fed up with the absense of treating.


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Vital signs don’t have to be stylish.



I have some things that I can’t let go

With these unreliable steps
I’ll leave behind something certain
Gently, I want to tell you something
again I try to reach out

Warmth, holding hands

Over and over, I run, fall, and run again
Over and over, I repeat, stop to think a little

I’ll go on to a new season
Because the twilight is softly tapping my shoulder
Even this tiny breath can connect to someone far away

An aroma from long ago
Something I should have forgotten
In a moment, I remember, it calls me back
My eyes open and I am shaken
My feeling now, this feeling
I find out what I can’t let go

In the crack between uneasiness and uneasiness
something irreplaceable
Precious life

Gently, I want to tell you something
Again I try to reach out
Warmth lives deep in the heart
Without end, I am still walking

Carving out, vital signs


Mito & Ikuko Hrada (Clammbon)-Vital Signs